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Upgrade to ASIM Windows Version
Download and installation instructions:
• Download the self-extracting Installation file of the demo version to a local temporary directory
• To install the teaching and research version you need the password that you have gotten by e-mail
• Run the file in the temporary directory by double-clicking on it
• Follow the instructions of the setup program and input the password to finish setup
• If you start the program the first time it will run in demo mode. To register the program please enter user name (Teaching and Research) and license key (which you get in the download confirmation e-mail) by choosing Tools / Register and restart the program
• To use the program in a private company you have to purchase a license
• To order a license, please fill in the order form.
• If you have purchased a license we will send you a license key by e-mail
Please note:
• It is not necessary to uninstall an older version of ASIM. You can install to the same directory, older files are automatically overwritten, the registration will not be removed and user created ASIM files will not be deleted
• If you install the new version to a different directory, the old version is not removed and you have to register the new version with the same user name and key than the old one. Then you can use both versions.

New in this version:
• Change to HTML Help (Win Help is not supported under Windows 10)
• bug fix for menu item "File" / "Save Project as..."

New in version
• bug fixes for menu items "New Project" and "New Model"
• some bug fixes in continuous variation for CSTR and A/I

New in version
• Graphic of flowscheme is now always visible on the main form
• SBR enhancements: multiple cycles with different influent conditions can be simulated in a queue (defined in a continuous variation file)
• Continuous simulation: for each time step influent conditions are read from a text file (a continuous variation file) and written to a text file (no graphical output)   
• New flowscheme: AB Hybrid (for advanced users, must be enabled in ini-file)
• A/I module is now available in the teaching and research version
• Many bug fixes

 New in version
• SBR: number of periods increased from 12 to 48
• Maximal number of plot points is set to 1440 (before 288)
• Log file asim.log is now saved in user directory, not anymore in program directory (changed because of user right problems)
• Bug fix: no access violation if an AI project is loaded over a non-AI project
• Bug fix: loading of a variation file is only possible when a plant is loaded
• Bug fix: autosizing of column widths did not work for the first display. You had to display the grid again for correct autosizing. That is fixed now.

Changes in version
• Allowed number of reactors changed from 12 to 18
• Allowed number of points in a cycle changed from 96 to 288 (for variation and SBR)
• A/I module implemented (you need a separate license for this module, please contact Manfred Tschui from Holinger AG for additional information)
Fixed bugs in version
• Project listing in "Choose project" improved. Project listing was in some cases incorrect.
• ActiveX component for control loops is replaced by normal component integrated in the program => no more registration of an ActiveX component in the registry database
Fixed bugs in version
• Some processes (Exponential, Monod II, Inhibition II, Gas stripping II and III) for dissolved species worked wrong
• If the user directory was changed, its name was not saved in the ini-file
• Online-Upgrade was not possible from domains outside ETHZ
• If number of reactors was changed, values of O2-Setpoint and kla were not cleared for clarifiers
• Data series of 2. influent could not be chosen in 'Add series to chart'
• No popup menu in table 'Reactors and secondary clarifiers' of form 'Flowscheme'
• If control loops were activated, O2-Setpoint had to be set to zero to activate control of kla values
• If variation window is shown no other window can be selected. Now other windows can be simultaneously opened
• It was possible to run more than one instance of ASIM
Known bugs of this and older versions:
• Column widths in tables are sometimes too small (Column labels are sometimes truncated). Workaround: Switch to an other tab and then  back. If the tab is selected a second time then column widths are correct. Should be fixed since version
• Variation / Edit Variation: Field "Load" of dissolved and particulate species is editable, should be locked
• Variation / temperature: values cannot be copied from other columns or from clipboard
• Model / Edit active Model: If you click in most right fields of "Kinetics" tables which are partly hidden, table will be scrolled and cursor will be placed in a wrong field. Combobox may be incorrectly positioned (Workaround: Scroll the table first and then click in the field)
• Calculation of pH is not yet implemented
• Decimal separator should be a point (.). If decimal separator is set to comma in your operating system (Windows), ASIM will run anyway but will use a point as decimal separator. You will have problems to cut and paste numbers from ASIM to e.g. Excel or others applications using the default decimal separator settings of Windows
• Bug list is not complete :-( and will be continued :-)

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