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From: Laila Bahgat
Date: 03/25/2003

I am a PhD student at Alexandria University, Egypt and my
thesis topic is related to the simulation of  IWA's
activated sludge models. I've developed a basic simulator
using MATLAB that adopts a predefined activated sludge
scheme -the COST benchmark case study- to simulate models
ASM1, ASM2d and ASM3. First to simulate steady state, then
using dynamic influent files (text files) representative of
different weather conditions and diurnal variation in
influent flow.

As I am currently trying to verify the results of this
application, I downloaded a demo version of ASIM 4.0, to see
whether I can simulate the COST benchmark case study with
ASIM 4.0, then compare results of my application with those
obtained when ASIM 4.0 is used.

For a start it seems that this implementation isn't
completely straightforward, as ASIM 4.0 uses a specific
format (*.vrt) for dynamic input files termed variation

I would like to know whether there is a way to make ASIM
realizes *.txt files or to introduce my data files to ASIM
4.0 forms by converting text files to variation files. I
tried (copy/paste) to ASIM 4.0 forms but all the copied
records were placed in one cell triggering an error message
as a result.

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From: Fankhauser Rolf (
Date: 03/25/2003
concerning your question about import of text files to

- the variation file is a text file. The format is described
in the attached html file
- you can copy and paste variation form columns from the
clipboard. Please have a look in the online help under the
topic How to / Copy variation values....

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From: Laila Bahgat (
Date: 03/25/2003
Thank you very much for answering my e-mail and for the
clarification and the attached file.

I've followed the instructions of the online help regarding

copying variation file from the clipboard.

However, it seems that in the demo version, the combo box
entitled "copy file from" does not provide the clipboard as

an option.

Thank you again for your help.

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From: Fankhauser Rolf (
Date: 03/26/2003
Copying should work with the demo version. In order to
activate the item 'from clipboard' you have to copy the
values from the application (Excel,Word,Notepad) to the
clipboard. I tested it with Excel, Word and Notepad and it
worked fine:
- first select the values in Excel which you want to copy to
ASIM (the values can be in rows or columns)
- choose 'Edit / Copy' or Ctrl-C in Excel
- then switch to ASIM (let Excel open)
- in the variation form click on the column header of the
column where you want to paste the values
- from the combobox choose the last item 'from Clipboard'
(maybe it would be better to add this as first item)
- then the values should be copied to the column
- it is not possible to copy and paste multiple columns

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From: laila bahgat (
Date: 03/26/2003
Thank you very much for the clarification and my apologies
that you had to provide this 
detailed explanation.

I've tried it hurriedly Yesterday using Excel and I didn't
realize then that this option 
appears only -as should be- when there is something in the
clipboard to be pasted.

I think what made the (from clipboard) option not to appear
to me is that I opened the 
combo-box before copying from Excel.
i.e. the combo box should have been re-opened after the copy

Thank you again for your concern.

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