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From: shine (
Date: 10/20/2006

I would like to simulate an anaerobic sludge reactor, an
UASB using ASIM. I have read some articles about the ADM1
Anaerobic Digestion Model N.1, but I still have a lot of
problems, which complicates the simulations. I would like to
know If you have a example of anaerboc digestion model using
ASIM. I would apreciate your answer, Thank  you.

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From: gujer (
Date: 10/25/2006
Hansruedi Siegrist has made a rather comprehensive model for
anaerobic digestion which has been coded for ASIM. The trick
ist that the partial pressures of CO2 and CH4 are added up
in lieu of oxygen. With the aid of a control loop the biogas
is then stripped to maintain a constant partial pressure via
aeration. Aeration intensity can then be used to estimate
biogas production.

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