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From: Jack Musterman (
Date: 10/11/2006

I am using ASIM2d and comparing results with my own model. 
ASIM results indicate XI=7000, XH=2700,
XPAO=1000,XAUT=170,XTSS=200 and XPP=320. 
Is the approx MLSS of ASIM results =
Is the average P concentration in the MLSS =
Is the average P concentartion in the biomass

Thanks for the help with this.

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From: gujer (
Date: 10/25/2006
You are not using ASIM2d but ASM2d. ASIM is only the
integration machine. If you are using the original ASM2d
from the ASIM library TSS (=MLSS) already includes all
particulate compounds (look into stoichiometry to see the
details). You may want to consult the original papers, which
have introduced ASM2 and ASM2d.
The P content of MLSS is best obtained by Sum of Xi*iP /

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