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From: Jesus Rodrigo Arenas (
Date: 01/19/2005

I would like to know if can I simulate  an anaerobic sludge
reactor, an UASB using ASIM? I have read several articles
about the ADM1 Anaerobic Digestion Model N.1, but the most
of them refer about 19 processes and 24 components, which
complicates the simulations. I would like to know If you
have done or known about this kind of simulations using
ASIM. I would apreciate your answer, Thank  you. 

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From: Hansruedi Siegrist (
Date: 01/28/2005
ADM1 is too complex to use in ASIM (e.g. gas stripping,
complex process kinetics as well as number of parameters and
processes). I would recommend to work with Aquasim or one of
the profesional software packages that have already
implemetnted ADM1 (SIMBA, WEST, GPSX). 
ASIM does not allow the modelling of biofilm dynamics
(growth, mass transfer effects).

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