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From: Rodrigo Arenas (
Date: 11/25/2004

Hello, I have been using ASM1_orig.mod in order to model a
simple aerobic reactor without a secondary clarifier. I have
integrated the model with this configuration having good
results, but after creating a new configuration, identical
to the first one the results from the integrations differ
from each other. I would to know what is happening. Thanks

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From: Fankhauser Rolf (
Date: 12/26/2004
Hi Rodrigo,

If you perform an integration and save the files the state
of the plant after the integration is saved in the file. If
you open the project again the initial conditions are the
final conditions of the last simulation. This is a little
confusing but very practical. So, check the two
configurations, if they have really identical initial
conditions. If you have reached steady state conditions in
the first integration, the state will not change, if you
load the project again and perform an additional

Kind regards,


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