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From: P Henry (
Date: 08/04/2004

Could you let me know what are the units used for the O2
reaction rates (in the chart of dynamic simulation results)?

Thanks in advance for your answer.

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From: Rolf Fankhauser (
Date: 08/05/2004
Dear Paul,

ASIM is written in a nondimensional way. So, the user can
choose the units freely but it is important to use a
consistent set of units. It is recommended to use gramme
[mass], mole, m3 [volume] and day [time] as units. Then
units of O2 reaction rates are g/m3/day. The time scale in
the charts is always hours. We know that it is unusual not
to add units to the axis labels of the charts but if you
need a chart for publication you can easily add units by
right-click on the chart and choose 'Edit Chart' to edit the

Kind regards,

Rolf Fankhauser
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