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From: vgc consulting engineers (
Date: 05/19/2004

Could you please forward information, availability, cost,
demonstrations, etc. regarding the commercial version of

Please forward detail if a distributor of your programme is
available in South-Africa.

Thank you
VGC Regards
(016) 976 0850

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From: Jan Suter (
Date: 05/28/2004
Dear Susan, 
The commercial licence is distributed by HOLINGER AG. The
price for the first licence is 5'500 Swiss Francs, each
additional licence is 1'100 Swiss Francs. 
There is a tutorial, but unfortunately in german only. If
the demand is for an english version of the tutorial is
growing, we will consider a translation. 
If you wish to purchase one or more licences, please send me
an e-mail with your adress, the required number of licences.
We will send you a invoice and provide you with an
activation code after your payment. 
Please enclose further questions in the e-mail. 
Thank you very much for your interest. 
Kind regards 
Jan Suter 

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