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From: Jignesh Patel (
Date: 05/17/2004

When I am trying to export model and  plant as a text file ,
I am getting an error of "Range Check Error". I really don't
why I am getting this? is there any other way to export the
Also I am not able to export it as an Excelworksheet. Is it
because I am not dealing with variation file or there is
something else? The excel worksheet option is not
highlighted at all!!
Does the 'Show results' only works if i am dealing with a
variation file? What about if someone like me is dealing
with only steady state flows?
Waiting for detail answers as I am new ASIM user.

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From: ASIM support (
Date: 06/04/2004
I guess you use the demo version of ASIM. There, an export
of model and plant as text is not possible. Some features
are not active in the demo version. You have to buy a
teaching and research or commercial version (depending on
your work) to use all features. But you can save and reload
(open) your files (model, plant and variation) in the demo
version. Export as Excel worksheet is not yet implemented.

Kind regards,

ASIM support
Rolf Fankhauser

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