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From: laila bahgat
Date: 12/08/2003

I need to find the stiochiometric matrix related to model
ASM3 + the EAWAG module for Bio-P removal using default
The one published in WST needs performing some calculation.
Can someone provide any help from this respect? 

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From: Fankhauser Rolf (
Date: 12/09/2003

I can send you the Bio-P model for ASIM.
You have to copy it into the \text subdirectory. Then the
model can be loaded from ASIM by choosing Model/Load ASIM

Kind regards,


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From: laila bahgat (
Date: 12/14/2003
Thank you for your help and for sending me the files.
If I may ask for further help (really I am bothering you
with an issue that is not related to WinASIM):
The only copy I have related to the EAWAG Bio-P module is
the one published in Wat. Sci. Tech. Vol. 45 no.6 pp. 61-67.
The matrix published there represents only the additional 11
processes related to the module and only the process rates
of these 11 processes.

Now it is stated in the mentioned paper that Bio-P module
adds P removal to ASM3 both physiological P uptake during
growth and enhanced biological P removal (EBPR) of PAO.
The module of 11 additional processes describes EBPR and for
the physiological P uptake the growth processes of ASM3 must
be completed by terms for the physiological limitation.

Through your help I now have the complete ASM3 + Bio-P
stoichiometric matrix but I don't know whether I can use the
same proccess rates of ASM3 as provided in the original
models or these need to be completed by terms for
phosphorous limitation to account for physiological P uptake
as stated earlier.

I'll very much appreciate it if you'll clarify this issue
and if the ASM3 processes need some modification, is it
possible to easily find the complete set of process rates?

Thank you very much for your interest and for dedicating
some time to enquiries not related to this forum.

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From: Fankhauser Rolf (
Date: 01/09/2004
I don't understand your question. Process kinetics and rate
constants are already included in the model. So you don't
need to input them. But I am not a modeling expert. Maybe
another paper may clarify your question: 'The EAWAG Bio-P
Module for Activated Sludge Model No. 3', L. Rieger et al.
in Water Research Vol.35, No.16, pp. 3887-3903, 2001. There
the model is described more detailed than in the paper you

Kind regards,


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From: laila bahgat
Date: 01/27/2004
Thank you for answering my message and for the information
about the second paper.
As my question was unclear I'll try to rephrase it. An ASM
model is usually presented as a stoichiometric matrix
accompanied with a table for the kinetic rate expressions.
Since it was mentioned that to use the Bio-P module with
ASM3, ASM3 must be completed by terms for phosphorous
physiological limitation, I understood from this statement
that the kinetic expressions of ASM3 need some adjustment
along with the additional 11 processes of the Bio-P module.
Am I wrong there?
Thank you for your continuous help.

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