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Date: 08/26/2003

Is ASIM applicable to the modelling of facultative waste
stabilisation ponds? If so, would there be any limitations
with this? Any responce would be greatly appreciated, this
is for my Masters thesis! Time is running out!

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From: Willi Gujer (
Date: 08/27/2003
We do not have any experience with facultative ponds. The
problem is, that you would have to develop your own
biokinetic model, which includes the anaerobic and
photosynthetic processes. Once you have such a model you
could most probably enter this model into ASIM. Further you
may have to model sedimentation which might be approached by
including a sludge blanket in the secondary clarifier.

I would hesitate to just use ASM1 to ASM3 for modelling such
a system.

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