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From: Camilla Di Marcantonio (
Date: 05/23/2017

can i do a sort of WWTP design by ASIM teaching and research

Thank you so much
Best regards

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From: Eberhard Morgenroth (
Date: 06/02/2017
ASIM is a simulator for a wastewater treatment plant. It
does not do the design for you. But if you have done a
design using design guidelines or steady state mass balance
approach, then ASIM and mathematical modeling can be an
excellent tool to verify and optimize the design. 

For design of WWTP see for example 

Henze, M., van Loosdrecht, M.C.M., Ekama, G. and Brdjanovic,
D. (2008) Biological Wastewater Treatment - Principles,
Modelling, and Design, IWA Publishing, London.

Metcalf & Eddy (Firm), AECOM (Firm), Tchobanoglous, G.,
Stensel, H.D., Tsuchihashi, R. and Burton, F.L. (2013)
Wastewater engineering treatment and resource recovery, 5th
Ed., McGraw-Hill Higher Education, New York.

Ekama, G.A. (2011) 4.14 - Biological Nutrient Removal, In:
Treatise on Water Science. Wilderer, P. (ed), pp. 409-526,
Elsevier, Oxford.


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