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From: Lorenz Winkler (
Date: 03/14/2017

The start menu shortcut "ASIM Online-Help" of Version shows the old target: "C:\Program Files
(x86)\ASIM\ASIM Help.hlp"
Should'nt it be "ASIM Help.chm"?
Regards, Lorenz

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From: Fankhauser Rolf (
Date: 03/18/2017
Hi Lorenz

Yes, that's true! Thanks for the hint!
I forgot to change this in the setup file.
You can manually change it by right-click on the shortcut,
choose "Properties" (Eigenschaften) and change the extension
of the target link from hlp to chm.
It is highly probable that you need administrator privileges
to do this.  

Kind regards, Rolf (ASIM support)

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