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From: David
Date: 01/27/2017

Hi everyone, 

I have a question about the COD result value. The COD value

of the influent concentration is divided according to 
different percentages (Inert and substrate COD dissolved, 
Inert, substrate and hetetrotroph particulated) according 
to the ASIM Manual provided. Which one of the provided 
results would be the final COD concentration at the end of 
the treatment line?

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From: Eberhard Morgenroth
Date: 01/27/2017

Mathematical modeling of biological wastewater treatment
requires the overall COD to be subidvided into different
fractions that are biodegradable/non-biodegradable and
particulate or soluble. In addition to these substrates also the
biomass is considered as separate COD fractions. 

After doing the simulation you can calculate the effluent COD
from adding up all of these fractions. If you assume a perfect
clarifier then you would have only soluble COD fractions in the
effluent that would need to be added up. 

For further info you may also consider 
Rieger, L., Gillot, S., Langergraber, G., Ohtsuki, T., Shaw, A.,
Takacs, I. and Winkler, S. (2013) Guidelines for Using Activated
Sludge Models, IWA Publishing. for guidance.

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