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From: Oyi
Date: 06/19/2015

Good day everyone! please is it possible to model ANAMMOX
process in ASIM? If yes, could someone please briefly
explain the steps involved?

Thank you in advance,


Reply #1
From: Eberhard Morgenroth
Date: 07/12/2015
Dear Oyi:

ASIM is a flexible tool where the user can freely define
processes, process kinetics, state variables, and the
stoichiometric matrix. With this anammox can very well be
implemented. But there is no predefined ASIM model included
in the software. But there are journal publications with the
relevant matrix/kinetics that you could yourself implement.

Best regards,
Eberhard Morgenroth

Reply #2
From: Oyi
Date: 08/25/2015
Thank you very much, Eberhard Morgenroth. I have just read
the reply. Please, has anyone on this forum implemented
anammox in ASIM before? I would also appreciate if h/she can
enlighten me on that, I am just learning how to program. 

Thanks in advance,


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