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From: Anas (
Date: 10/18/2014

Hallo ASIM staff,
i would really ask about the effect of changing the initial
conditions in a reactor,should we chang it? or leave it?
i mean, i have operated a pilot reactor, and measured the
total COD in the aeration tank day by day, for example:
CODtot in the aeration tank was 1800 mg/l, should i divide
this value according to the division in the initial data in
ASM, or i just leave the same data in ASM?
i am waiting your answer
Best regards

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From: Eberhard Morgenroth (
Date: 11/23/2014
Dear Anas:

You have to differentiate between influent loading and
initial conditions for a simulation. The influent loading
and influent wastewater have a large influence on the model
prediction. But the initial condition does not have a large
effect. ASIM will first calculate a steady state anyways
where the steady state is independent of the initial
conditions. I hope this is helping with your question.

Best regards,

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