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From: José Luís Álvarez Mtz (
Date: 09/05/2008

Wonder, If you could answer me some brief questions?
1.¿How much does it cost?
2.¿What Can I simulate?
3.¿is ther a kind of help via phone, web or other if I need
some question?
4. Is there a trraining after buying this pruduct? 
5.What are some dirrences with other products such as
I will apretiate you help;
José LuÍs Álvarez Martínez
015556041145; 015553563871 INETSYS SA DE CV MEXICO

Reply #1
From: Jan Suter (
Date: 10/22/2008
Dear José 

1. Costs for a commercial licence of ASIM is 5'500 Swiss
Francs. Each additionel licence is another 1'100 Swiss

2. You're able to simulate waste water treatment with
activated sludge systems like SBR, A/I or conventionell,
sludge digestion and other biokinetical models. 

3. There's a tutorial in english which guides through
several simulations concerning activated sludge plants.
There's no support concerning biokinetic models. We will
help you, if there's a problem concerning malfunctions of
the program itself.

4. We offer trainigs in cooperation with the swiss federal
institute of aquatic science and technology every few years.
For special trainigs in Mexico, we could arrange a tender
with our local swiss staff.

5. There' no interface with other products like ASPENTECH.
It's possible to export all the results to MS-Office.

Kind regards 

Jan Suter

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